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At American Doniker, we use only the patented Pathfinder, hospital-grade sanitizing system, to insure your Doniker is as sanitary as possible. We use only the most powerful and environmentally friendly chemicals inside the tank, virtually eliminating the signature “Porta-Potty” odor while at the same time extending the life of the desperately needed deodorizers, drastically reducing the smell that has long been associated with portable restrooms!

Our “Freedom 4” FULLY California COMPLIANT ADA Handicap Donikers (not just wheelchair accessible that may get you into trouble) include all the listed  items above for our Maxim 3000 Deluxe Donikers, except our ADA Compliant Donikers come with 2, 30 Lumen LED Lights!

Our 2 station “Bravo” sinks which include twice the supplies of other companies cheaper models and also allow enough room to actually wash your hands!

We have 250 gallon Grey Water holding tanks to avoid health department fines in the 140’s of thousands of dollars.

Not to mention one of the largest VIP Trailer fleets for a luxury bathroom experience at any location!

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At American Doniker, our premium portable restrooms are revolutionary to the portable sanitation industry.

Each Doniker porta-potty has been designed to ensure that the consumer (AKA: the end user) has the best possible experience available in portable toilets today. Here are some of the differences between American Doniker and our competitors:

  • Each of our Donikers have three rolls of toilet paper as opposed to our competitions two rolls, extending life between services.
  • Our Donikers have extra shelving for you to set down a beverage or other belongings you don’t want to set on the floor during your time of need.
  • Two utility hooks inside each Doniker, use one for a jacket or purse and the other for a backpack or diaper bag, or all four at the same time.
  • A motion activated (Solar Powered) 50 lumen, LED light making nighttime use both modern and civilized are in each Doniker.
  • The interior has been designed to allow more space inside, the urinal has been relocated not only to avoid bumping into it while seated, but also, forcing the urinal user to have his back facing the toilet seat thereby completely eliminating that nasty “Splash Factor”.
  • Not only does each Doniker have sanitary seat covers and a foaming hand sanitizer dispensers inside but, you won’t see these necessary items listed next to an additional fee on your invoice, like you would from our competition.
  • We use only hospital-grade sanitizers, and the most powerful and environmentally friendly chemicals, extending the life of the desperately needed deodorizers, drastically reducing the smell that has long been associated with portable restrooms.

Still not impressed?

Try one of our Elite Doniker’s, these revolutionary porta potties not only include all the above items, but also, are not even an option offered by our competitors.


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